Cori Gauff Opens Up About Silencing Doubters

Cori Gauff Opens Up About Silencing Doubters

The Making of Cori Gauff Profession

Rising American tennis prodigy Cori Gauff has never been afraid to be completely herself. She has every right to be so sure of herself after winning the 2023 US Open.

Gauff’s career has been the subject of much discussion in the tennis community because of the enormous potential she has shown. When she came so close to winning her maiden Grand Slam, though, the story changed. She wasn’t the player everyone assumed she’d be, the one destined to win ten to fifteen Grand Slam tournaments. The American tennis star discussed her use of self-doubt as a driving force in an interview with WTA after the US Open final.

How to Turn Scepticism Into Motivation

The moment of truth for Gauff came a few weeks ago in Washington, when she realised she was subject to close scrutiny and various comments. Instead of ignoring the criticism, she used it as motivation to prove her naysayers wrong.

In the past, I would either ignore or deactivate my social media accounts if I encountered negativity, but that’s no longer an option. However, I’ve realised that’s not who I really am. My parents know I’m a motivated person who takes pleasure in proving naysayers wrong. I got more and more motivated to disprove their scepticism as I read it,” Gauff said.

Cori Gauff Opens Up About Silencing Doubters

The 29-year-old tennis player had never won a tournament at a level higher than 250 until this season’s success in Washington. Her career peaked when she won the WTA 500-level Washington Open. She promptly broke the record, however, by winning a WTA 1000 tournament in Cincinnati. Finally, at the US Open, she won her first Grand Slam tournament, fulfilling a lifelong ambition.

“I noticed tweets in Washington that said, ‘She’s just a 250 Coco.’ But then I went and won the Washington Open, a WTA 500 tournament. Many attributed it to chance. Then I won a WTA 1000 event, and many said it was because some of the other players weren’t in top form and I took advantage of it,” Gauff said.

People thought my opponent would destroy me before my last match. They thought she would teach me a lesson and make me seem less popular than I already was. They dubbed me nothing more than a passing fad. Silencing your detractors is a very satisfying feeling. Now I’m very interested to hear what they have to say,” Gauff said with a look of victory.

Defeating All Odds and Coming Out on Top

The path that tennis player Cori Gauff has taken is a powerful example of determination and perseverance in the face of adversity. She has overcome all odds to become an unstoppable force on the tennis court and a Grand Slam winner.